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Prices 2023

Helena -  per hour

Christiana -  per hour

Virgo - per hour

Transport in sightseeing boats - per hour (minimum 3 hours)

Christian Radich evening tour - 


Riva 135 evening tour - per hour (100 per person per hour)

Riva 135 lunch cruise - - 

All prices include ex. 12% VAT


Other boats on request.

​ Information about the tours

  • Evening tours minimum 5 hours in high season.

  • Transport is priced according to the length of the assignment.

  • Day trip, lunch cruise minimum 3 hours in high season.

  • All-day trips start at 0900 and end at 2300

  • Weekend tours start on Friday at 1200 and end on Sunday at 1700.

  • Week trips start on any day at 1200 and end on the same day at 1200.

  • I all prices include boat hire, crew and fuel.


Pick up places in Oslo


Pick up places Oslo.jpg

Oslofjord trip

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